What Everybody Ought to Know About Home Canning Basics

Home canning basics are the first things you will consider in canning and preserving food. Before getting started with canning and preserving you must know all your home basics first. Home canning is a popular way of preserving fruits and vegetables to soups and stews. There are two canning methods in home canning basics, the water bath canning and the pressure canning method. Water bath canning is ideal for high acid foods like fruits while pressure canning is ideal for low acid foods like meat and vegetables. These canning methods prevent the growth of harmful micro organisms present in our food that causes food spoilage.

Home canning basics consists of tools and equipment that are basically seen in your kitchen like measuring cups, rubber spatula, peelers, saucepans and mixing bowls. pressure canning recipe The equipments to be used depend on what canning method you are going to do. The specific tools for home basics are wide mouth funnel, lid and bands, mason jars, lid wand and jar lifters. All tools, utensils and equipment should be clean, dried and sterilized for safety and to provide quality preserved foods.

In canning basics, there are also precautions need to follow. Never use overripe fruits, always choose fresh quality ingredients in canning. Don’t add low acid ingredients than the required amount in the recipe. Adding of seasoning and spices that are not specified in recipe is a no. Never place jars in ovens like electric ovens for they may break. Never process canned foods lower than the required temperature. Never use mayonnaise jars for canning for they break easily when heated. Never to forget to remove air bubbles in the filled jar for they may attract micro organisms. Never to full up canned jars always provide right amount of head space.

Home canning basics will be the way in getting started with canning and preserving foods. These are simple and easy tips to follow. These basics apply to all canning procedures. To have a successful canning process, start with your home canning basics properly. Remember all useful details for providing good quality foods. Keep that in mind whenever and wherever you may be.