We have seen some pretty amazing feats that the mobile phones of the brand new age have performed at the behest of a perfectly complimenting contribution by technological advancement.

A close consider the trend in the cellular phone market demonstrates users have displayed individual affinities towards phones that suit their purpose and fulfil their extra requirements. Hence, a music lover would have a specific bent towards a music phone, a photography devotee would accept a camera phone, a creative editor would look for multimedia features, and so forth.

As a follow-up to the immense popularity of such feature specific phones or phones with some revolutionary features, a fresh breed has made its way to the market by means of a sports oriented device to induce a healthy body.

Phones Counter The Nokia 5500 Sport edition is a perfect instance of that multi tasking mobile phone, which promises to give you your desired communication platform and also injects positive health into you. With such features as speed and distance counter and a calories burned counter.

Ideally suited for users who are quite concerned about their health and resort to exercises as jogging, the Nokia 5500 Sport keeps a tab on your own daily workout regime and also counters the amount of progress you have achieved.

The highly useful phone is the ideal substitute for these devices to check how much calories you have burned as it delivers exactly the same service in a package that is clearly a hit with ease of use and multi-ability.

Moreover, you can find other goodies on the phone as well, such as a sports diary to record your progress, sports tests and a steps calculator that will help you chart out your ideal fitness regime.

Serving their purpose in varied fields, cell phones have proved their usefulness worthily with the most recent factor as devices that are good for health.